Pure Mathematics and Applications


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Volume 20 (2009), Issue No. 1-2


K. J. Batenburg, S. Henstra, W. A. Kosters, W. J. Palenstijn: Constructing Simple Nonograms of Varying Difficulty (1 -- 15)

F. Jarray: A lagrangean approach to reconstruct bicolored images from discrete orthogonal projections (17 -- 25)

M. Gara, T. S. Tasi, P. Balazs: Learning Connectedness and Convexity of Binary Images from Their Projections (27 -- 48)

S. Petra, C. Schnorr: TomoPIV meets Compressed Sensing (49 -- 76)

T. R. James, R. Klette: The Topology of Incidence Pseudographs (77 -- 101)

B. Van Dalen: On the difference between solutions of discrete tomography problems II (103 -- 112)

E. Barcucci, S. Brocchi, A. Frosini, S. Rinaldi: Reconstructing convex permutominoes (113 -- 125)

M. Benettoni, P. Checchia, E. Conti, F. Gonella, S. Pesente, G. Nebbia, S. Vanini, G. Viesti, G. Zumerle, P. Calvini, S. Squarcia, G. Bonomi: Muon tomography: results on material identification and imaging with a large volume prototype (127 -- 139)

M. Carriero, A. Leaci, F. Tomarelli: Variational approach to image segmentation (141 -- 156)

Extended Abstracts:

A. Alpers: A Short Introduction to Tomographic Grain Map Reconstruction (157 -- 163)

C. Comina, R. Cosentini, G. Della Vecchia, S. Foti,and G. Musso: Monitoring transient hydro-mechanical processes in porous media using electrical resistivity tomography (165 -- 167)

F. Cosmi, A. Bernasconi: Application of synchrotron radiation micro-CT to local morphological and numerical characterization of short fibre reinforced polymer composites (169 -- 172)

A. Daurat: Using Tomography in Digital Plane to solve problems of Geometric Tomography (173 -- 177)

P. Gritzmann: On some new results in Discrete Tomography (179)

S.Tebaldini, F.Rocca: Polarimetric SAR Tomography of Natural Scenarios: Current Achievements and Perspectives (181)